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Software Outsourcing

If you need rapid scaling of your project teams to meet deadlines we can act as an extension of your software development or test teams without affecting overall headcount.

You can choose to provide packages of work to be carried out offsite or if necessary, we can embed our software developers within your on-site teams.

All our software developers have strong skills in Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Angular, C#, Java Script, Python, HTML, SQL Server using the latest development and testing tools provided by Microsoft and Selenium.

A dedicated team working just for you.

  • Software developers and IT professionals handpicked to address your project and business goals.
  • IT specialists with a proven track record of delivering real outcomes to clients.
  • An agile, creative team of individuals focused on solving problems in a way that brings you the most value
  • A technology partner you can rely on with your project.


Our Coding Practices

Every team follows our internal ‘best practices of software development’ which include


  • Coding standards
  • Non-functional requirements levels
  • Test Strategy
  • Acceptance testing

Depending on projects context and client needs, most teams also follow additional recommended practices, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), high availability, modularity, architecture decision records etc.

Common development process elements

  • Peer code review
  • Continuous Integrations
  • Version Control System
  • Issue Tracker
  • Automated testing
  • Deployment automation
  • Infrastructure provisioning automation depending on project size

A team of smart and talented IT professionals working exclusively for you. Leaving you to concentrate on your core business

Why outsourcing is good for your business

Cost Savings – Outsourcing can cut costs while reducing your workload. You won't need to make any upfront investment, which makes development projects much more attractive.

Speed and Flexibility – Software development services can provide you with the skilled workforce you need to grow rapidly and when you outsource you don’t have to spend time recruiting or worry about scaling should your needs change project-to-project.

Talent – immediate access to some of the best and brightest IT and technology professionals making sure that your projects are completed quickly and professionally.