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Managing your business with Excel?

Microsoft released Excel over 32 years ago and, in that time, millions upon millions of spreadsheets have been created. The fundamental features of Excel haven’t changed much, in that it can handle a great amount of data, display graphs and figures and be programmed to perform many different tasks.

As your business grows, you’re more than likely to use Excel at some point and in the main, there’s nothing overtly wrong with using a spreadsheet but, the longer you rely on multiple spreadsheets and the duplication of data between files, the more chance a mistake will impact your business negatively.

As you become more successful, relying on spreadsheets will not only hinder your growth but severely affect how successful your business can be.

iNgenuity ERP offers much more than just a replacement for your Excel spreadsheets, it consolidates your data into a fully-integrated business management solution. Spreadsheets are great for beginners but, when it comes time to save money and use real business software, you need a real business solution.

Various studies report that nearly 9 out of 10 spreadsheets (88%) have errors in them and the majority of errors reported were caused by human error – meaning they could have been completely avoidable mistakes.

Modules to prioritise and manage your business

iNgenuity is a modular solution allowing you to concentrate on improving the aspects of your business which are most pressing without implementing a ‘big bang’ change programme. With an extensive number of options that can be customised to suit your business.

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • Procurement, Stock Management and Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Timesheet and Expenses Management
  • Staff Management modules including HR iNgenuity and Recruit iNgenuity
  • Training Delivery
  • Finance and Accounts

On the Move

Most businesses use mobile devices for a least some of its operations. IEP solutions will deliver information updates in real time across your company’s mobile workforce, to staff working from home or at off-site meetings and provide a contingency plan should your premises become inaccessible.

With iNgenuity ERP, everyone sees the latest information, while Excel and Word files shared over multiple versions, adds undue complexity and increases risks of inaccuracies or missed information.

Taking Security Seriously

Both Word and Excel files allow permitted users access to the whole document rather than information relevant to their responsibilities and restricting access to hundreds of files can be a difficult and onerous task that hinders business operations.

With iNgenuity role-based access permissions allow teams to view the information they require and update the information for which they are responsible. These fine-grained controls mean that you can delegate specific responsibilities to individuals, and you are also provided with a detailed audit capability.

Growth and the bottom line

Our small to medium-sized enterprise CRM module is fully-integrated into iNgenuity ERP and gives you the flexibility to manage customer sales with ease. Essential for any growing business building a relationship with your customer is an effective way of maintaining growth and sustaining profit margin. Increased visibility on customer transactions provides invaluable sales data for future marketing.

Utilise iNgenuity for every step in yours sales funnel, improving and validating customers in a more efficient manner.