Intelligent Enterprise Products

Consultancy Services

IEP offers consulting services with professionals working across the UK. Our services staff includes project managers, solution architects, business consultants, systems and technical application consultants.

We strive to provide consultants who fit your needs for industry and solution expertise as well as team fit

Our global experts are specialists in the field of international management standards, cyber security, information security, IT governance and risk management.

Information Technology Consultancy

Helping you with your future IT aspirations

We concentrate on the technical issues surrounding the transfer of business capability to the cloud so that our customers can focus on the people, process improvement and exploitation of more agile ways of working.

We will discuss the benefits and risks associated with cloud adoption and explain the options available to you to allow you to make an informed decision.

Using this information, we can provide you with a Cloud Readiness Assessment. We will conduct a detailed examination of all existing software applications or IT infrastructure that may affect the availability or security of cloud services.

We can then agree the business objectives and priorities for cloud migration providing a detailed plan for cloud migration that not only addresses technical and commercial constraints, but also include softer project elements such as communication and cultural factors.

Project Management

IEP project managers will ensure your project is completed on schedule and on budget and the right personnel with the right skills are included in the project team.

  • Project Planning, Scope Management, Time Management.
  • Work Breakdown and Estimation
  • Backlog Generation and Prioritisation
  • Sprint Planning and Retrospectives
  • Agile Change Management
As part of our Business Information Technology Maturity Appraisal to assess your Company for Cloud Readiness we will look at your IT Governance, Commercial Arrangements, IT Security, Disaster Tolerance & Business Continuity, System Connections, Hardware, Software, Communications, Personnel and Training.