Intelligent Enterprise Products

SALES iNgenuity

Manage leads, monitor accounts and sales pipeline with our SALES iNgenuity CRM your business will have the advanced business intelligence needed to turn more leads into business.

With intuitive functionality, sales teams can follow all prospect communications from first contact to transaction from within their CRM system. They can then use insights to help move potential customers through the sales funnel faster and convert more business.

Replace spreadsheets with SALES iNgenuity from IEP

With a whole team using them, spreadsheets are prone to human error and without proper management, leads can easily get overlooked. Enquiries can be followed up multiple times and conflicting information may be delivered resulting in your business appearing unprofessional.

IEP can ensure your business benefits from a smarter, automated solution for managing and tracking sales.

Personalise Communication

Over 75% of customers value personalised customer service as part of their sales experience. SALES iNgenuity makes it easy to track all aspects of customer communication, allowing your sales team to engage your customers and prospects on their interests and priorities. You can also connect SALES iNgenuity to LinkedIn to keep track of company and contact updates, allowing you to further personalise communication.

Manage Customers

Automating your engagement process can shorten your sales cycle, making you more productive. SALES iNgenuity can manage prospect and contact information with ease, even displaying key data within Outlook. SALES iNgenuity will also provide diary prompts for when follow up communication is required. And with Sales Insights you can even get AI-style intelligence about which leads should be prioritised based on buying signals in emails and communications.

IEP can deliver a Sales CRM solution specifically

designed to meet the challenges of your sales team.

Track Sales Performance

Track historic and real-time sales data to predict upcoming sales trends and ensure supply/resource levels. Examine sales team data to help focus efforts. Then use SALES iNgenuity to turn sales data into understandable graphs and visualisations, allowing you to compare the performance metrics with just a few clicks.