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Hybgrid Solutions

Build a hybrid cloud

Organisations do not need to transfer all their business onto the cloud in one step. Often it is more sensible to move smaller less-critical elements as a pilot project and then capability can be transferred onto the cloud as confidence increases.

Throughout this period, enterprise users still need to feel that they are operating on a single joined up system and the Azure capabilities for delivering and managing hybrid solutions make this a straightforward and robust approach to cloud migration.

Some applications remain hosted on premises, some migrate to cloud and the entire network can be managed on-premises as though the cloud is simply an extension of the existing architecture.

Achieve seamless integration between all your clouds, automate your on-premises infrastructure and connect to public cloud. Gain visibility and control and enable security and compliance while creating unprecedented operational agility.

Hybrid Software Solutions

Regardless of industry, a company’s technology strategy is an essential component of their long-term business plan. When it comes to software, on-premises or SaaS, business leaders must regularly make decisions on whether to choose bespoke applications or buy off the shelf solutions.

A hybrid solution allows you to leverage the best of both worlds.

The hybrid solution provides flexibility that may be lacking in a pre-packaged application and allows you to develop new innovations, which can ultimately be what sets you apart from the competition.

At IEP, our team are highly skilled in developing a wide variety of bespoke software solutions across a vast range of operating systems, framework and devices. IEP’s experts can create a hybrid software package that is perfectly suited to your business requirements.