Why should you consider using the cloud?

Geographically dispersed or Global Interests

If you wish to share information with suppliers or customers, or you have a number of mobile workers in the field or at other premises then you should consider the cloud as a central repository that can be updated day or night from any location.

Need to be able to scale infrastructure up or down rapidly

One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that you only pay for the services you use. As your business grows and the information that you manage increases then the cloud will provide you with all the capacity you require as you need it.

Require a lower cost of ownership for IT infrastructure

Hardware is bought, installed and tested and managed by Microsoft in their dedicated data centres. Critical patches are applied and software upgraded on your behalf. You share the economies of scale that are gained when infrastructure is provided for millions of users.

You need your information to be protected using best practice

All data stored by IEP is held on European infrastructure; three copies of the data are held and sensitive information is encrypted using 128 bit AES.

Need to manage information from different devices

Through cloud computing personnel can access information from anywhere with Internet access (work, home or overseas). Information can be displayed and managed on a range of devices such as desktop PCs, PDAs or on touch-sensitive plasma screens.

Need a new development or test facility quickly

If you wish to test a software service you can do so quickly and cheaply without making a large investment in hardware or integration activity beforehand. You can simply turn-on a development environment or test environment that is identical to your live installation.

Require a highly available system with demonstrated resilience and failover

Microsoft provides a financially backed guarantee of availability exceeding 99.9%. Availability levels are monitored independently by IEP.