Case Studies

People are doing amazing things with Windows Azure.

BayCloud Systems

BayCloud Systems saw an opportunity to help organizations comply with an emerging online privacy statute. To shorten development time and minimize capital costs, it decided to use cloud technology to build and host its CookieQ solution. After evaluating Amazon EC2, BayCloud Systems chose to use Windows Azure. Within the first three months of 2012, BayCloud Systems added 60 new customers throughout Europe and is now positioned to expand globally.


Esmart Systems

Leveraging Microsoft Windows Azure to provide a highly accessible cloud platform, Serbia-based Independent Software Vendor (ISV) E-Smart Systems has created an energy management solution to help organizations of all sizes, from schools, municipalities and families to major companies, to monitor, measure, and manage their utilization of electrical power. By finding ways to reduce wasteful and unnecessary use of energy, these users have been able to improve their sustainability while lowering their costs.



Global nutrition star Herbalife wanted to increase its web presence as a way to expand its business. But for Herbalife, that meant supporting at least 100,000 websites for its independent distributors over the next few years. It met this extraordinary scalability challenge by using the Windows Azure cloud-computing service. It gained faster time-to-market and sees tremendous savings compared to the estimated cost for an on-premises solution.


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