Intelligent Enterprise Products

SALES iNgenuity

For sales managers, our CRM delivers comprehensive and accurate forecasting of potential revenue, as well as up-to-the minute performance monitoring of their sales team.

Benefits of SALES iNgenuity CRM

Grow your business

Use data to better understand your customer base and their needs, then increase revenue by selling them more of what they want.

Focus your goals

Get insight on which industries, regions or company type spend the most, and direct your attention to maximise sales return.

Increase conversions

Analyse your top sales, review the winning arguments and use them to reduce the selling cycle for future customers.

Most sales teams have a solution for tracking new enquiries and managing interactions with potential buyers and existing customers. But low-tech solutions that don’t scale risk putting sales teams being at a competitive disadvantage.

We will spend time getting to know the structure, processes and challenges of both your sales team and those who manage them. We’ll then develop a solution that meets the needs of both of these groups.

For sales teams, we can simplify the lead management process, while also adding advanced functionality such as prospect communication tracking. For management, we can create dashboards tracking sales performance, plus advanced visual reports covering predicted revenue and historic trends.