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Recruitment has become hugely competitive. Recruitment agencies must compete with other companies to find the best potential employees whilst businesses often have to wade through huge numbers of applicants to find a suitable candidate.

Benefits of Recruit iNgenuity

Improve productivity

Traditional recruitment methods mean you are often confined to the office. Using IEP cloud technology allows users to connect using their mobile devices on the go, at home or in the office.

Reach out wider, quicker

Social reach is hugely important in recruitment today. Recruit iNgenuity connects to social media platforms enabling you to reach a wider array of potential candidates quickly.

Save time

Automate a wide range of tasks such as filling out forms and paperwork and schedule using automated prompts and reminders to avoid missing important deadlines.

Streamline data collection

Receive applications from a wide range of sources and automatically see the most suited candidate for your roles. Easily gather and analyse candidate information and job data and see actionable insights.

Improve communication

With up to date, shared information you can communicate effectively with your team and potential candidates, increasing your response time with automated communication tools.

Search smarter

Recruit iNgenuity provides an advanced set of tools allowing you to tailor your recruitment searches and find candidates with the right skills and experience with minimal effort.

Always available

Receive and respond to enquiries outside traditional office hours anytime, anywhere and get personalised alerts to your devices.

Ease of use and support when you need it

Recruit iNgenuity is intuitive and requires minimal training with support on hand when you need it from our UK based team.

Recruitment software designed to automate, streamline and improve the recruitment process.