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A secure, scalable and sustainable collaboration environment

A recent IDC survey of IT and business personnel responsible for technology purchases found that improved security, enhanced operational efficiency, and reduction of management costs were the top drivers for the adoption of infrastructure software products.

It is estimated that at least 70% of all enterprises now run at least one application in the cloud, from field-based employees to global organisations with dispersed workforces, having real-time access to a single version of your data can be the driving factor in operational efficiency




In today’s world, having access to information, on demand, anytime, anywhere, is the cornerstone of a successful business strategy.


Use an ERP solution as your business management solution. Discover the most and least profitable areas of your operations, see predicted sales revenues and follow changes in manufacturing and labour costs in real time, allowing you to make decisions that increase overall business profitability.


Improve communication, automate processes, and track orders with continuous up-to-date information. Easily identify production bottle necks, predict resource shortfall and adjust operations.

Supply chain and warehousing

From a single stock room to a chain of warehouses, keep track of your products and their movements. Get an overview of all activities from a single dashboard and get up-to-the-moment business intelligence on your stock levels.


Track all information about enquiries from new and existing customers from start to finish within your ERP. Manage details of potential sales, order enquiries by level of interest and prioritise those that are ready to buy. Once a sale is agreed, automatically pass details straight to your manufacturing or service teams for fulfilment, and to accounts for billing.

Human Resources

Manage HR data, simplify employee management tasks and identify HR problems before they arise with dashboards and analytics.


Deliver a real-time overview of your business’ finances wherever you are. From automating daily tasks to generating status reports, simplify how your business manages its cash flow to support operations and maximise profit.