Our Clients.

Protection Group International

Protection Group International is committed to protecting personnel, reputation, assets, and profits. They are a global business, addressing customer concerns by providing discreet, effective and innovative solutions.

PGI draw resources from the UK Government, the Intelligence Services, Military and Commercial Sectors, with the focus on exceptional standards combined with an innovative and commercial approach. PGI key service capabilities lie in: Corporate Intelligence and Risk Analysis, Maritime Security, Cyber Security and Forensics, Human Behavioural Analysis, Security Training and Consultancy.

We have provided PGI with enterprise information management and analytics modules that underpin PGI Group services and support personnel operating worldwide.

Protection Vessels International

Protection Vessels International is a maritime security company, specializing in the provision of embarked security teams and escort vessels for merchant shipping transiting high risk areas of the world’s oceans. The leading provider within the sector, it consults and advises on all aspects of maritime security, with the provision of patrol boats to escort shipping, security teams aboard vessels and training for ship’s crews to deal with various security situations. Through deterrence and prevention, PVI is capable of providing robust physical defence. We have provided specialist modules to PVI for maritime operations, security planning and execution.

Pardoes LLC

Pardoes is a legal company based in the South West of England with offices in Bridgwater, Taunton, Yeovil and Dorchester. They provide advice on criminal law, commercial matters, personal law and medical negligence. We have developed an enterprise system for Pardoes that covers routine office management functions as well as providing an integrated specialist case management suite of software tools.